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Brendan Heussler



I'm Brendan - currently living in San Diego, California. I'm a Full Stack Software Developer at Intuit. I'm working on the chat platform used in TurboTax and Quickbooks. I also worked on the rollout of TurboTax Full Service.

I would describe myself as a well-rounded developer with a strong Java background, that is perpetually interested in best practices. I look at code as a liability and try to solve problems with the smallest amount of code possible. I don't try to reinvent the wheel every time because I understand that most problems we face have already been solved by someone else.

I believe the key to success is operational excellence. I'm always thinking about ways to improve my workflow. I'm a huge fan of Alfred and tools that can save me a few seconds here and there. Software is more akin to a living being than a product, and to that end, development is about the journey, not the destination.

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